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If you do not see the service you are looking for listed below, please feel free to contact us to ask about it. We are more than happy to help you with what you my need.

Services Offered at Barriefield

Preventive Medicine / Vaccinations

Regular health checkups are very important for your pet. Dogs and cats age much faster than humans, and thus annual examinations will help ensure your pet stays in good health. Vaccinations are still, and always will be, a very important disease prevention strategy for your pet. We assess the immunization needs of every patient, and listen to your concerns. Your pet is unique and has individual needs when it comes to vaccinations. We vaccinate based on your pet's lifestyle and other risk factors. Rabies vaccination remains a municipal by-law for all pets. Lyme disease is a particular challenge in the Kingston area, and we typically recommend using the Lyme vaccine in the multi-tiered approach in preventing this disease.

Medicine / Disease Management

Unfortunately our beloved pets sometimes become sick. Seeking a veterinary consult as soon as possible will ensure your pet is diagnosed and treated early and effectively.

Wellness Programs

Your pets have different health requirements throughout their life. We have developed healthcare plans for your pet depending on age and lifestyle. We embrace the opportunity to promote pet health through preventative medicine, client education, and nursing the human-animal bond. Appropriate monitoring and testing will allow us to diagnose problems early, which can result in a longer, happier life for your pet. (Puppy Wellness, Kitten Wellness, Adult Wellness, Senior Wellness plans coming soon)

Dentistry / Oral Care

Veterinary dentistry has become well-recognized as a vital component of pet health. Our clinic sees this aspect of veterinary care as being very important. We use digital dental x-rays to best evaluate your pet's teeth - dental x-rays are an important aspect in the complete evaluation of dental health. Some dental issues require specialized treatment, and we are extremely pleased to offer advanced dental services by Dr. Graham Thatcher. Dr. Thatcher has completed a 3-year residency in dental training and is available to perform complicated extractions, root canals, and other advanced oral surgery. (click here for more information on dental health)

X-ray / Ultrasound

When x-rays are necessary, we have an on-site digital x-ray facility. Digital x-rays do not just make things easier for us to obtain the best image; we can quickly share an image with a veterinary radiologist for interpretation if necessary. Ultrasound investigation can be done to better evaluate internal organs and soft tissue structures, and we are pleased to also offer this service.

Diagnostic Laboratory Services

Our complete in-house laboratory allows us to assess the health of your pet with fast and accurate results. These tests include blood work, blood parasite screening, urinalysis, fecal testing, and cytology. When more advanced testing is required, we use IDEXX reference laboratory's diagnostic services.

Surgery / Anethesia

We have a modern surgery suite to allow our veterinarians to perform routine and non-routine surgeries. Common surgical procedures include: spay/neuter, biopsies, lump removals, abdominal surgery, and urinary tract surgery. Your pet's anesthesia is always monitored by our veterinary technicians, and we utilize a Cardell monitor and Doppler pulse monitor.

Orthopedic Surgery

We perform some orthopedic (bone) surgeries in our clinic, but the most common orthopedic surgery we encounter relates to canine cranial cruciate ligament rupture. We always discuss which type of surgery is best for your dog, and are able to perform the TightRope repair for cranial cruciate ligament rupture as well as the extra-capsular repair. Cranial cruciate ligament disease/rupture is a very common issue in dogs, and may be responsible for over 90% of hindlimb lameness. With other orthopedic surgeries (and more complicated cases), we want to ensure that our patients receive the best possible outcome, and will refer them to board-certified veterinary surgeons Common orthopedic surgeries include: cruciate ligament surgery (TPLO / TightRope / Extra-capsular repair), patellar luxation correction, joint scoping (arthroscopy), fracture repairs, and hip dysplasia-related surgery.


Skin disorders are one of the main reasons for veterinary visits. We understand one must assess each skin condition individually, and recognize a thorough history is always important.


Electrocardiogram testing can be performed in-clinic to help evaluate the heart's health. The results are reviewed by a specialist who provides a full report.

Glaucoma Screening

Dogs, and sometimes cats, can develop glaucoma, a serious condition in which the pressure in the eye becomes elevated. It is important to diagnose and begin treatment for this condition very quickly, because increased intra-ocular pressure can lead to blindness. We are able to test for this condition using an instrument called a Tonopen, and it is a painless procedure that can be performed during an examination.

Nutritional Counselling

We want to make sure our clients are well-informed, with the proper information about pet foods. We are pleased to offer a wide selection of maintenance and therapeutic diets by Royal Canin, Rayne, Hills, Purina ProPlan, and Iams Veterinary Diets. Good nutrition is the foundation of a healthy life for your pet. We stock a large selection of veterinary brand maintenance diets for different life-stages, as well as prescription diets which aid in the treatment of various disease conditions. Proper nutrition can have a significant improvement in the management of various diseases (kidney disease, liver disease, skin disorders, osteoarthritis, intestinal disease, weight loss). Many healthy treat options are also available for dogs and cats. Email ordering is offered to our established clients - allowing us to ensure your variety and size is available, orders are filled usually within 48 hours (except weekends).

Flea Prevention

We are your best source of information and advice for flea prevention in your dog or cat. The last thing you want is for a flea problem to develop in your house. The products we carry are far superior to those sold in pet food stores or department stores, and come with a guarantee to resolve the problem* (*Revolution).

Heartwom Prevention

Canine heartworm disease can be effectively prevented through the use of monthly medication from June 1 - November 1. This disease is extremely serious, dangerous if not treated, and can be fatal. Our area of the province is affected by heartworm-carrying mosquitos.


It is truly incomprehensible how quickly the tick population has grown in our area. Unfortunately, ticks are here to stay. Ticks can be found even in your backyard, and can transmit Lyme disease to dogs and humans. We can help you find the most effective tick-protection plan for your pet.

Palliative Care

We can help you through the difficult decisions, and help ensure your pet receives the best care to remain as comfortable as possible.


We are pleased to offer pet boarding services for dogs and cats - whether it is for one night, or weeks at a time. With prior permission, we can arrange to walk your dog on a daily basis and allow time to socialize with other dogs. We have a variety of sizes of dog kennels, and smaller, quieter wards with in-floor heating for your dogs. In the cat condos boarding area there are many climbing trees and toys, in a quiet, sunny environment for cats exclusively


Sue Meier has been professionally grooming dogs at our clinic for nearly 10 years. Sue certainly has a way with animals, and is very patient. Sue is pleased to provide professional grooming services for your pet dog, Monday through Friday by appointment. Sue has over 25 years experience grooming dogs, and was trained under Mr. John Masa of the Montreal School of Dog Grooming. Grooming services available include: bathing, combing, blow-drying, scissoring / clipping, ear cleaning / ear hair plucking, foot / face trimming, and nail trimming. Medicated bathing or all natural cleaning options are available for your dog, if requested. If you would like to book a grooming appointment for your dog, or would like more information about Sue's grooming services, please contact us for more information.

Day Care (Doggy Daycare)

Due to overwhelming popularity of the program, we are able to only accept new daycare participants who are established clients with our clinic for veterinary services. At Doggy Daycare, dogs have the opportunity to make a new buddy, have a game of tag, a dip in the pool or a romp in the snow. Our daycare can help to improve your dog's attention and socialization skills. Weather plays a key role in their day - if there is a wind chill or heat advisory please be aware daycare services may be cancelled.


We have a large section of treats, toys, and accessories for your pet. These include dental care products (chews, toothpaste/toothbrushes, and dental care water additives), natural pheromone products to help treat anxiety and behavioural issues in dogs and cats, pet shampoos, and environmental cleaning products. We also offer joint supplements (Flexadin, UbaVet), fatty acid supplements, and PillPockets - tasty soft treats to help you give medication to your pet.

Dental Care: Did you know that dental disease is one of the top three medical problems in our pets today? Regular dental care is very important for your pet's health. Bad breath, discoloured teeth, red / swollen gums, and changes in your pet's eating habits can be signs of periodental disease.

Regular dental care is a must for your pet!

Dental disease may not only affect the mouth - bacterial and oral inflammation can affect the kidneys, heart, and liver. February and March are always "Dental Months" - during which a 10% discount is offered on dental services.